Matthew 6:33

God's calling us to enter into his rest. We can only do so if we understand why seeking God FIRST is the answer to all questions, concerns and desires. Sign up below to join my Faith Upholders List, so you can be among the first to get exclusive updates. 😊

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What You’ll Get Here...


Designed to support your Bible Memorisation Goals 

If you struggle to remember bible verses or want to "up your game", we are in this together. If you are a visual learner like me, you will love this(I hope). 

This is about you knowing more about God's words. There is no competition whatsoever, if anything you are doing this with likeminded people,  so keep to the routine that will be outlined in your emails 

God's REST

Getting into God's rest and enjoying God's kind of peace

About time to press the Pause Button to allow God in your daily life. You will discover ways of enjoying every second spent in God's presence and before you know it, you start longing for your quiet time with God. Time to prioritise what's most important in our lives - GOD. 


I completed my 24 weeks Masterlife 'course' and I can't tell you enough how transformative this was for me. It opened my eyes to so many things around me and gave answers and closure to so many questions I have had for years. I will love to pay it forward by sharing the whole 24 weeks with you so you can embrace the great commission. This will be particularly helpful for visual learners. Click the button to join the waitlist. 👇

About Funmi

When you find answers to your questions on your knees, and you reconnect to the ‘true’ main source, you know you’ve entered into a rest only found in GOD. This is the summary of my story. So I created this blog for those who simply want to know God through His word (Bible). I share from my inspiration as God will have me and hope you are inspired to uphold your Faith in Christ Jesus as well. 

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